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Gummerson Bond Group

5200 Park Road #100

Charlotte, NC 28209, USA

(704) 522-6364


About Us

The Gummerson Bond Group is a family owned business specializing in surety bonds.

Situated in Charlotte, NC, we have clients of all sizes located throughout the Carolinas and beyond. Since 1985, Gary Gummerson, President, his wife Freda and son Geoffrey have built a book of business from start up, emerging , specialty and established accounts of all size and trades. What sets us apart is service and problem solving abilities learned from more years in this industry than most of our competitors. Our staff is dedicated to educate our customers as to  what our markets want in order to formulate and maintain a long term relationship.

Why Use Us?

•  Problem solving abilities
•  Experienced
•  Results oriented
•  Speed
•  Dependability
•  Accessibility (24/7)
•  Communicative and Friendly

References furnished upon request

We represent most of the major bonding companies operating in our area which allow us to provide these products:

Bid Bonds
Performance and Payment Bonds
Financial Guarantee Bonds
Subdivison and Completion Bonds
Service Bonds
Probate Bonds

License and Permit Bonds
Maintenance Bonds
Miscellaneous Bonds
Court Bonds
ERISA (Pension Plan) Bonds
Hard to place Bonds



•  Educate contractors entering the surety market about bonding

•  Introduce contractors to the professionals specializing in the contractor/surety

relationships  (CPAs, Bankers, Attorneys, etc.)

•  Maximize bonding credit while minimizing related bond fees by working closely
with the leading sureties in our area

•  Review bond forms and contracts to indentify onerous provisions

•  Confirm financing on private contracts- A form can be found here

•  Work with the contractor and his/her CPA to optimize results to fit the bond
program desired

•  Investigate subcontractors and owners as needed

•  Recommend measures to avoid traditional problems (e.g. how to establish a program for prequalifying subcontractors as well as start-up businesses.

•  Brief clients on pending and new legislation in addition to other industry information
affecting them

•  Furnish prequalification statements required for our customers

•  Assist in collection problems and claim handling if needed